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Launching Early 2023


Launching Spring 2023, an exclusive community for Solar Professionals, Installers, and Contractors


PV Portal is the
premium network of professional solar
installers, contractors
and distributers


1. Get instant access to 100s of other reputable installers and contractors

2. Priority listing on our Solar Pro Directory

3. Live Tech trainings + Q&As with Industry Experts plus product, industry, and code updates.


Professional Network of Peers

Join the community and get access to 100's of other installers, contractors all interested in learning and growing together.

hore and collaborate

Hire and collaborate with expert talent

Join the community and get access to 100's of other installers, contractors all interested in learning and growing together.

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Directory listing & free Leads

When you join and are verified. you'll get access to the free directory tool. listing thousands of installers and contractors across the USA.


PV Portal is created by industry veteran, Allie Coleman, in collaboration with an industry collective that believes in easy access to solar information and training as a means to facilitate rapid solar adoption.

We're run by skilled solar professionals with a passion for excellence in user experience, community, and excellence in virtual learning.


Allie Coleman

Allie jokes that she's been in the solar industry since she was 7, a true solar "old-timer". She grew up working in, and eventually managed Wholesale Solar which served DIY and Installers for nearly 20 years.

Now she heads up community and strategy at PV Platforms, bringing her years of experience to help make solar accessible, affordable, and simple. She believes in power independence in the form of solar + storage as a path towards solar adoption and sustainability.

Want to join the community? is currently under development, and we are working on bringing a wide range of features and resources to our community of solar professionals.

We invite you to list your business in our live installer directory now, and we'll invite you to the community platform upon launch.


Current Industry
communities vs PV Portal

We know there are many options for online communities and industry associations in the solar industry.

We believe that our platform offers something unique and valuable: We are committed to creating a community that is supportive and inspiring for our members and offers access to resources with a direct impact on effectively working in this industry.

Facebook/Linkedin etc groups

PV Portal community

x     Poor/no organization

x     Wild west - no moderation or curation

x     Toxicity + Infighting

x     Difficult to Communicate 1:1 (Paid InMail required or hidden by platform)

x     Biased content &

✓     Category Channels

✓     Curated tech expert trainings

✓     Zero-tolerance policy for bullying harassment etc.

✓     Easily Contact Peers 1:1

✓     Free Listing on Solar Pros directory


Our community ethos

Professionalism - We value respecting our peers, customers, and competitors while operating with integrity.

Craft Mastery - We believe the journey towards mastery never ends, and we never assume we have all the answers.  

Collaboration - By learning and evolving together, we support the sustainable growth of our industry. Collaboration allows us to multiply our contribution.